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Complex problems.

Elegant solutions.
Our mission.

The online world has changed. And will continue to do so. . Online activity can suddenly overload, divert, and even destroy a strong brand or corporate reputation or a brand building or advocacy campaign.

A single erroneous online step or a witty tweet from an unknown critic can initiate a downward spiral, unravelling the planned campaign.

Traditional communication strategies are no longer sufficient. New methods and tools are required to make the plan stick and deliver.

Labyrinth Advisory bridges the gap between concept and delivery. We provide a global, online campaign advisory service. Developing persuasive concepts and content. Fighting back against critics. Winning campaigns. Delivering the digital campaign plan.

The landscape has changed. Change with it.
About us
Who we are.

Labyrinth Advisory bridges the gulf between traditional communication advisors and the digital world, helping to craft the digital campaign concepts and narratives, the plan and its delivery.

Drawing on accumulated experience in political and corporate campaigns and advertising, we use cutting-edge technical know-how, directed by intelligent data-mining, to help our clients and their advisors craft powerful, innovative and persuasive global campaigns.

Using opposition research and data analytics, we identify the narratives that will shift the dial.

We create innovative, persuasive, and memorable content. Content that will cut through the noise. Organic and viral content that will persuade undecideds, silence critics, and secure support.

We deploy bespoke delivery methods which efficiently target those who matter, at the most crucial moments.

Campaign. Advocate. Convince.
What We Do.
Our Services.

We conceive and craft with you, and deliver with powerful digital, strategic and tactical political and advocacy campaigns. Central to delivery is domination of the online narrative to support, protect and advance our clients’ interests. Working with our specialist communication consultancy partners, we deliver:


We work with clients to analyse existing perceptions, and then we work to craft a powerful narrative – targeting undecided voters, ambivalent customers, or committed opponents.


We provide custom solutions for hosting world-class websites, including SSD, advanced security, unmatched speeds alongside guaranteed uptimes.


We can deliver powerful, independent, and bespoke advocacy platforms – from a standing start – with sufficient cross-cultural experience to deliver an international impact.


Working within campaigns, we devise and then deliver data management solutions, aimed at ensuring better connectivity between client and target.


We provide a full-service online advertising programme, from narrative development to target illumination, and from content creation to in-campaign polling and field-testing.


We provide a full-service web-design offer; from inception through to full graphic design and technical support.

We pride ourselves on delivering to tight schedules and with digital immediacy.
What We Offer.
Our Skills.
  • Narrative development
  • Online campaigning & advertising
  • Website design & hosting
  • App development
Our Clients

Labyrinth Advisory can capably work across the United States, the European Union, the Middle East and Africa.

Our clients come to us through word-of-mouth, looking for bespoke solutions. Like our clients, we are purposefully discerning about the projects we embark on, and discreet about our campaigning techniques and record. We avoid conflicts of interests.

Labyrinth Advisory

Bespoke solutions for your business, using the latest technologies to overcome complex challenges.

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